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The mission of the American Guild of Organists is to enrich lives through organ and choral music. To achieve this, we

  • encourage excellence in the performance of organ and choral music;
  • inspire, educate, and offer certification for organists and choral conductors;
  • provide networking, fellowship, and mutual support;
  • nurture future generations of organists;
  • promote the organ in its historic and evolving roles; and
  • engage wider audiences with organ and choral music.

Summer Dean's Message

Our Chapter is a wonderful place to connect with others who are interested in making music with the organ.  Our colleagues have good ideas, they are creative, and many are just plain inspiring.  We really saw this at our meeting on June 16 where a sampling of these people were recognized.

Take for example Don Crawley who not only knows about organs and organ music, but who can also do pipe organ education in a bar, absolutely intriguing people in their 20’s.  Then there is Christopher Howerter who as one of our younger members showed technical skills that have gotten him into the Canadian International Organ Competition in October.   There are people like Bill Halsey whose multiple trips to Europe to do organ historical work has resulted in articles of lasting significance.   David di Fiore has not only participated in multiple international organ festivals, but he is regularly involved in the teaching of liturgical organ in Europe.

John Kriebel has composed a 15 part “stations of the cross” work which is as playable as it is effective.  Long time composer Howard Stoess has now completed his first major work which presents intriguing music for more than an hour.  Clinton Meadway, organ builder, rebuilt and made effective one of the most famous theatre organs anywhere, the 1914 Wurlitzer from the Seattle Liberty Theatre.  Outstanding organist Ruth Draper has demonstrated broad skills in multiple areas of service and education.  Finally, all hats are off to Beverly Roecker who had the courage to take the AGO Service Playing Examination and yes, she passed!

Many of you reading these lines could be included because your contributions would receive the same warm applause that was extended to every person mentioned here.  And, let’s don’t forget the officers of our chapter whose inspiring leadership has made our chapter a great connecting place.  Christopher Glenn, a real model for me, has done a superb job of leading the chapter for the past two years, but if you were at the June 16 meeting, you know he has many other skills as well.  Then there is JoAn Andenes who has done about everything, Dean Jamieson who has represented us nationally as Region VIII Councillor, Richard Lind with many contributions the most recent being Secretary, and David Lepse whose contributions are truly legion.  There is not space to recognize other contributors to our chapter.

I am very pleased with our new Co-Deans-Elect Norma Aamodt-Nelson and Omaldo Perez who are hard at work preparing an outstanding program which will kick off this fall.  As the meetings are announced, it is my hope that you will plan to go to as many of them as you can, not just for particular content but also to connect with colleagues because you recognize that in fact our chapter is a wonderful place to do exactly that.

Carl Dodrill, Dean

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