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Conn Theatre Organ

Martinique Model No. 644. Two 61 note manuals and 25 note pedal board, built-in Leslie speakers.
n excellent functioning condition. W: 57", D: 29"”, H: 44.5". Free to a good home, would consider a piano in trade. Professional movers will need to handle the move.

Contact Scott: 206-448-7302

Kimball Pump Organ

1901, parlor model, well cared for, in excellent condition, 2 sets of reeds, one manual, 5 octaves, oak cabinet, storage space behind music rack, 45” wide, 23” deep, 49” tall (plus 26” removable top portion with mirror). In Edmonds, WA, asking price $1,000 OBO.

Contact Gregory de Jean: 425-923-5707


Bentside spinet by Christopher Bannister, 1963. 63 keys, FF-f''', non-transposing. Great for small spaces, with a bright, bold sound well suited for continuo playing as well as solo repertoire. Comes with bench and custom cover. Asking $2,000. Pictures available upon request.

E-mail: henrylebedinsky@gmail.com  or call 704-654-6997

Choral Music

Gently used choral music for sale. Over 200 titles, from classic to contemporary. All music $0.25 per copy.

E-mail henryl@edmondsumc.org for a PDF catalog.

Fritts & Richards Practice Organ

One manual, three stops, AGO standard pedalboard, pipework by Stinkens. Direct electric action. 99" (8'3") high. A great practice or chapel instrument Located in Edmonds, WA. Asking $20,000 OBO. Photos upon request. Manual: 8' Holpijp, 4' Praestant, 2' Octave, Mixture (III) Pedal: 16' Subbass, 8' Flute, 4' Octave - Tremulant

Contact Henry Lebedinsky at: 704.654.6997 or henrylebedinsky@gmail.com

Clavichord by Dan Rembold

Rebuilt in 2014. Double fretted, CC-e''' at A=392. Patterned after an 1766 Gottlieb in Stockholm museum. Sensitive, silent action. Ebony case finish. Asking price:$3,000. Photos & sound samples upon request.

Contact Henry Lebedinsky at: 704.654.6997 or henrylebedinsky@gmail.com

Dom Bédos Plates

22 technical illustration plates from 1778 “L’Art du Facteur d’Orgues” folio size originals
Best Offer.Photos of each of the plates are viewable at: https://plus.google.com/photos/+JimLuddenSeattle/albums/6051681391729847441?banner=pwa

Contact Jim Ludden at: james.r.ludden@gmail.com

Pump Organ

Free to a good home. one manual, five octaves, 11 stops, all functioning,
re-finished cabinet: 41" wide, 23" deep, 74" high in Issaquah, WA. New owner handles the move.

Contact Kathy: katland@comcast.net

Viscount Electronic Organ

Model: CLV-8 (Unico Series), 3 manuals, full pedalboard, new in 2011 $9,000 or best offer, in Victoria B.C. (original price $20,000)

Contact Karen Skinner at kskinner36@yahoo.ca or Bruce & Gwyneth Kingham at rbkingham@shaw.ca or call 250-479-1961

Rogers Digital Organ

1992 Classic Model C-445, Two manuals, full pedal board. Excellent condition, in Lynnwood, $6,500

Contact Gabriel Tunco: 206-286-1666 or 425-244-5508

Hammond Organ

1950 Model B-2 with HR-40 tone cabinet. Original owner, Excellent condition, in Seattle, $1,300. Buyer transports.

Contact: Chris Morgan 206-724-4584

Moller Pipe Organ

3-rank Artiste model, 1937, working condition 7' 10" wide, 6' 8" tall, 30" deep. Suitable for residence or small chapel. Asking price: $9,000, in Eugene, OR

Contact: lanny@hochhalter.com

Zuckermann Harpsichord

6 foot slantside, circa 1970 built from kit. Two 8’s. single manual. 4’ has been disabled. Holds pitch. Probably needs some new jacks. $1,850 or best offer.

Text or phone Stefani: 425-830-7942 or szpfaff@comcast.net

EMU E4K Keyboard

Model #6900. 1-16 MB, 72-pi SIMM, total RAM 32 MB. $2,500 obo.

Text or phone Stefani: 425-830-7942 or szpfaff@comcast.net 

Hubbard Harpsichord

Single manual. Two 8’s, 4’, buff.  Knee levers. Chinese red lid interior with gold leaf trim. $9,200 obo.  Available after May 15.  Photos available upon request.

Text or phone Steffni: 425-830-7942 or szpfaff@comcast.net 

Baldwin Electronic Organ

Analog Model 45, needs repair, bench included. In Puyallup, WA, asking price $100.

Contact Gina:  425-486-5993 or gmmc@speakeasy.net 

To view, contact Bayard:  253-592-1194

Italian-style Harpsicord

Single manual Italian, 1977 by Roberts & Brazier. Slides out of a hand-painted case. In Portland, $10,000 OBO.

contact Elizabeth Wood: woode@easystreet.net or call 503-246-6373

Roland Digital Organ

New in 2003, 2 manual, full pedalboard, in KentBest offer

Contact Opal: 253-638-3423

Epworth Reed Organ

1910, Williams Organ Co. Chicago, Two ranks of reeds + subbass, 12 draw knobs, excellent condition, was at Chelan Methodist Church. Back designed to face congregation. Includes electric blower & bench 4’3” wide x 2’6” deep x 3’9” high.  $500, buyer transports.

Contact Charles Nagel: cnagel@u.washington.edu

Allen Digital Organ

Master Design Series, Model 10, 2-manual, 32 note pedalboard. Excellent condition, shown by appointment in Seattle, $4,995 OBO.

Contact John Mark: 206-523-4410 or  john.mark@netzero.net

Rodgers Digital Organ

Model c445, circa 1994, 2 manual, full pedalboard, $2,000 in Redmond, MIDI also available for sale.

Contact Kathleen: 360-480-5024 or katjrubin@yahoo.com

Sperrhake spinet harpsichord

Passau "English" bentside  4 1/2 octaves C to f, "Piano Lang München" label, 66" x 26" by 32" high. Asking price $1,200. 

Contact Ray: RNStyles@gmail.com

Zuckermann clavichord

Metal stand & bench, 5 octaves G to f, great condition, 60" x 18" x 32" high. Asking price $1,000. 

Contact Ray: RNStyles@gmail.com

Flemish Single Manual Harpsichord

Built from a Zuckerman kit in 1978, 52 notes GG/BB-d’’’, two 8’ delrin jacks, handmade keyboard, excellent condition, asking price $4,200.

Contact Marnie Annin: 425-691-0874 or marnie.annin@gmail.com

Two Manual Harpsichord

Based on 1765 Blanchet, built by Allan Winkler in 1989, five-octave range (FF-f ‘’’)late French disposition, 2x8’, 1x4’, and buff stop. Keyboards transpose from normal pitch a’=392, a’=415 to modern concert pitch (a’=440) black exterior, red interior, soundboard painting, cabriole stand  Price: $30,000.00 o.b.o.

Contact Jillon Dupree: 206-322-6462 or jillon@msn.com 

Johannus Electronic Organ

Wesley Model 31 with Midi, purchased new in 1996.  Everything is working. In Olympia, WA, asking price $3,500.00. View full details.

Contact Dee Corwin: 360-413-5799 or dsc6829@comcast.net

Estey Reed Organ

Style T, 2 manuals, full pedal board, 10 ranks. Price negotiable.
Contact Carl Kishline: kishlinec@asme.org

Allen Electronic Organ

System 100, 2 manual, 32 note pedalboard, AGO specs. Two detached speakers. Excellent condition. $1,000 OBO (in Kirkland, WA)

Contact Marlene Howard (425) 822-9584 or myhoover@msn.com

Flemish Single Manual Harpsichord

Extended range, 2 x 8', transposing keyboard, built from Hubbard Kit. Case and soundboard are stable and in excellent shape. Needs painting on inside of lid, some restringing & revoicing
Needs installation of buff batten and register handstops. Asking price: $7,000.

Contact William Moody: profbill@u.washington.edu or 206-295-7794

Möller Unit Organ

2 manual, 3 ranks. Opus 7325, 1946. Separate AGO console w/full pedalboard, self contained in walnut case. Professionally restored. Stoplist was altered. Asking price $11,803.00. Please write for stoplist and photos.

Contact Jim Stettner: 425-269-1357  theorganman@hotmail.com

Estey Reed Organ

2-manual, 30-note flat pedal board. 15 stops, 487 reeds, Serial #315899 c. 1898. Completely restored, Electric blower. Sfz pedal, super couplers 
$1500 or best offer. Buyer will move.

Contact Bob Thompson: 541-345-8319 or btorgel@aol.com

Lowrey Digital Theater Organ

Celebration 500 model, circa 1998, 2 manuals, 25 note pedalboard
5 channels, 11 speakers, advanced features, asking price: $5,000

Contact Shana: shanatingley@yahoo.com  or 425-417-0516

If you would like to list an organ, piano, or harpsichord for sale in the Puget Sound region, please contact webmaster@agoseattle.com with your information. Items may remain posted for up to 2 months.

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