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Kimball Pump Organ

1901, parlor model, well cared for, in excellent condition, 2 sets of reeds, one manual, 5 octaves, oak cabinet, storage space behind music rack, 45” wide, 23” deep, 49” tall (plus 26” removable top portion with mirror). In Edmonds, WA, asking price $1,000 OBO.

Contact Gregory de Jean: 425-923-5707


Bentside spinet by Christopher Bannister, 1963. 63 keys, FF-f''', non-transposing. Great for small spaces, with a bright, bold sound well suited for continuo playing as well as solo repertoire. Comes with bench and custom cover. Asking $2,000. Pictures available upon request.

E-mail: henrylebedinsky@gmail.com  or call 704-654-6997

Choral Music

Gently used choral music for sale. Over 200 titles, from classic to contemporary. All music $0.25 per copy.

E-mail henryl@edmondsumc.org for a PDF catalog.

Fritts & Richards Practice Organ

One manual, three stops, AGO standard pedalboard, pipework by Stinkens. Direct electric action. 99" (8'3") high. A great practice or chapel instrument Located in Edmonds, WA. Asking $20,000 OBO. Photos upon request. Manual: 8' Holpijp, 4' Praestant, 2' Octave, Mixture (III) Pedal: 16' Subbass, 8' Flute, 4' Octave - Tremulant

Contact Henry Lebedinsky at: 704.654.6997 or henrylebedinsky@gmail.com

Clavichord by Dan Rembold

Rebuilt in 2014. Double fretted, CC-e''' at A=392. Patterned after an 1766 Gottlieb in Stockholm museum. Sensitive, silent action. Ebony case finish. Asking price:$3,000. Photos & sound samples upon request.

Contact Henry Lebedinsky at: 704.654.6997 or henrylebedinsky@gmail.com

Dom Bédos Plates

22 technical illustration plates from 1778 “L’Art du Facteur d’Orgues” folio size originals
Best Offer.Photos of each of the plates are viewable at: https://plus.google.com/photos/+JimLuddenSeattle/albums/6051681391729847441?banner=pwa

Contact Jim Ludden at: james.r.ludden@gmail.com

Viscount Electronic Organ

Model: CLV-8 (Unico Series), 3 manuals, full pedalboard, new in 2011 $9,000 or best offer, in Victoria B.C. (original price $20,000)

Contact Karen Skinner at kskinner36@yahoo.ca or Bruce & Gwyneth Kingham at rbkingham@shaw.ca or call 250-479-1961

Rogers Digital Organ

1992 Classic Model C-445, Two manuals, full pedal board. Excellent condition, in Lynnwood, $6,500

Contact Gabriel Tunco: 206-286-1666 or 425-244-5508

Hammond Organ

1950 Model B-2 with HR-40 tone cabinet. Original owner, Excellent condition, in Seattle, $1,300. Buyer transports.

Contact: Chris Morgan 206-724-4584

Moller Pipe Organ

3-rank Artiste model, 1937, working condition 7' 10" wide, 6' 8" tall, 30" deep. Suitable for residence or small chapel. Asking price: $9,000, in Eugene, OR

Contact: lanny@hochhalter.com

Zuckermann Harpsichord

6 foot slantside, circa 1970 built from kit. Two 8’s. single manual. 4’ has been disabled. Holds pitch. Probably needs some new jacks. $1,850 or best offer.

Text or phone Stefani: 425-830-7942 or szpfaff@comcast.net

EMU E4K Keyboard

Model #6900. 1-16 MB, 72-pi SIMM, total RAM 32 MB. $2,500 obo.

Text or phone Stefani: 425-830-7942 or szpfaff@comcast.net 

Hubbard Harpsichord

Single manual. Two 8’s, 4’, buff.  Knee levers. Chinese red lid interior with gold leaf trim. $9,200 obo.  Available after May 15.  Photos available upon request.

Text or phone Steffni: 425-830-7942 or szpfaff@comcast.net 

Baldwin Electronic Organ

Analog Model 45, needs repair, bench included. In Puyallup, WA, asking price $100.

Contact Gina:  425-486-5993 or gmmc@speakeasy.net 

To view, contact Bayard:  253-592-1194

Italian-style Harpsicord

Single manual Italian, 1977 by Roberts & Brazier. Slides out of a hand-painted case. In Portland, $10,000 OBO.

contact Elizabeth Wood: woode@easystreet.net or call 503-246-6373

Roland Digital Organ

New in 2003, 2 manual, full pedalboard, in KentBest offer

Contact Opal: 253-638-3423

Epworth Reed Organ

1910, Williams Organ Co. Chicago, Two ranks of reeds + subbass, 12 draw knobs, excellent condition, was at Chelan Methodist Church. Back designed to face congregation. Includes electric blower & bench 4’3” wide x 2’6” deep x 3’9” high.  $500, buyer transports.

Contact Charles Nagel: cnagel@u.washington.edu

Allen Digital Organ

Master Design Series, Model 10, 2-manual, 32 note pedalboard. Excellent condition, shown by appointment in Seattle, $4,995 OBO.

Contact John Mark: 206-523-4410 or  john.mark@netzero.net

Rodgers Digital Organ

Model c445, circa 1994, 2 manual, full pedalboard, $2,000 in Redmond, MIDI also available for sale.

Contact Kathleen: 360-480-5024 or katjrubin@yahoo.com

Sperrhake spinet harpsichord

Passau "English" bentside  4 1/2 octaves C to f, "Piano Lang München" label, 66" x 26" by 32" high. Asking price $1,200. 

Contact Ray: RNStyles@gmail.com

Zuckermann clavichord

Metal stand & bench, 5 octaves G to f, great condition, 60" x 18" x 32" high. Asking price $1,000. 

Contact Ray: RNStyles@gmail.com

Flemish Single Manual Harpsichord

Built from a Zuckerman kit in 1978, 52 notes GG/BB-d’’’, two 8’ delrin jacks, handmade keyboard, excellent condition, asking price $4,200.

Contact Marnie Annin: 425-691-0874 or marnie.annin@gmail.com

Two Manual Harpsichord

Based on 1765 Blanchet, built by Allan Winkler in 1989, five-octave range (FF-f ‘’’)late French disposition, 2x8’, 1x4’, and buff stop. Keyboards transpose from normal pitch a’=392, a’=415 to modern concert pitch (a’=440) black exterior, red interior, soundboard painting, cabriole stand  Price: $30,000.00 o.b.o.

Contact Jillon Dupree: 206-322-6462 or jillon@msn.com 

Johannus Electronic Organ

Wesley Model 31 with Midi, purchased new in 1996.  Everything is working. In Olympia, WA, asking price $3,500.00. View full details.

Contact Dee Corwin: 360-413-5799 or dsc6829@comcast.net

Estey Reed Organ

Style T, 2 manuals, full pedal board, 10 ranks. Price negotiable.

Contact Carl Kishline: kishlinec@asme.org

Allen Electronic Organ

System 100, 2 manual, 32 note pedalboard, AGO specs. Two detached speakers. Excellent condition. $1,000 OBO (in Kirkland, WA)

Contact Marlene Howard (425) 822-9584 or myhoover@msn.com

Flemish Single Manual Harpsichord

Extended range, 2 x 8', transposing keyboard, built from Hubbard Kit. Case and soundboard are stable and in excellent shape. Needs painting on inside of lid, some restringing & revoicing
Needs installation of buff batten and register handstops. Asking price: $7,000.

Contact William Moody: profbill@u.washington.edu or 206-295-7794

Möller Unit Organ

2 manual, 3 ranks. Opus 7325, 1946. Separate AGO console w/full pedalboard, self contained in walnut case. Professionally restored. Stoplist was altered. Asking price $11,803.00. Please write for stoplist and photos.

Contact Jim Stettner: 425-269-1357  theorganman@hotmail.com

Estey Reed Organ

2-manual, 30-note flat pedal board. 15 stops, 487 reeds, Serial #315899 c. 1898. Completely restored, Electric blower. Sfz pedal, super couplers 
$1500 or best offer. Buyer will move.

Contact Bob Thompson: 541-345-8319 or btorgel@aol.com

Lowrey Digital Theater Organ

Celebration 500 model, circa 1998, 2 manuals, 25 note pedalboard
5 channels, 11 speakers, advanced features, asking price: $5,000

Contact Shana: shanatingley@yahoo.com  or 425-417-0516

10.9.15 - Technics GA3 Electric Organ

Like brand new. Two manual organ with half pedal board. MIDI and disc drive. Comes with two external PEAVY speakers. User manual and lots of software included.
FREE to anyone who can pick up.

Contact: pegeide@comcast.net 253-445-0761

10.9.15 - Gulbransen Electric Organ

1977 Pacemaker model (analog), two manuals of 44 notes each (off-set) One octave pedalboard, Rhythm section and Chordomatic pull-outs Cabinet in good shape, bench included. In North Seattle.
Free to anyone who can pick it up. Photo on request.

Contact: Ann 206.364.0714 annsa@q.com

If you would like to list an organ, piano, or harpsichord for sale in the Puget Sound region, please contact webmaster@agoseattle.com with your information. Items may remain posted for up to 2 months.

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