Life seems to be moving on in a hybrid fashion, but I find that I am not a hybrid of flesh and virtual persons.  While we have developed tools to connect, that’s not helping me get choir members taking care of a vulnerable loved one to come in person.  It’s not helping me balance lightening the stops to not overpower the 25 people singing through their masks in the pews with the needs of those attending virtually to hear thrilling renditions of hymns.  And most of all, it’s not helping me spend time in person with you celebrating our common interest and love of the organ.  While we have plans for an in-person event to celebrate live music and be in each other’s presence, we are forced to wait until it is well past the threshold of safety – and a venue feels safe to take us in.

However, our virtual offerings continue to be great ways to learn and grow – without traffic!  Our next virtual chapter event on September 20, 7:00 pm, features the work of the Pipe Organ Foundation, which promotes the preservation, renovation, and placement of pipe organs, especially in settings that could not otherwise afford one.  There will be a Zoom discussion following the presentation.

This year we’d like to focus on three core areas – making the website more functional and a fuller resource for members; building a network of organ teachers to match with potential students, especially in the piano community; and building a robust volunteer group to host the convention in this coming summer – many hands make light work and convey a broader picture of who we are in the PNW.  If you have skills, want to finger someone you think has skills, or just have ideas on what might make these three areas of service fly higher, please reach out and let us know.

UW Organ Faculty Endowment matching program - this last fiscal year we were able to match $37,290 of donations from members and friends of the chapter, which means the endowment grew by $74,580 from the support of the chapter.  The board has voted to continue to raise funds and match AGO member contributions this year for this core teaching tool of organ culture in our quadrant of the country.

Our next chapter board meeting is September 13 at 7:00 pm, and please let us know if you have any questions you’d like answered or ideas to share. 

See you soon!

Tim Beggs, dean


Our first program for our 2021-2022 year will be a Virtual Meeting held at 7pm on Monday 9-20-2021. It will start with a video presentation describing the work of the local Pipe Organ Foundation to preserve, place and play pipe organs, and will be followed by a Zoom meeting where members can discuss the video and visually collaborate with each other. The link to the video which will Premiere at 7pm is: BQ6peM0NF5I

(The link will remain active on YouTube so that any member not able to participate in the presentation at 7pm can access and view it afterward.)

The President of the Pipe Organ Foundation, Dr. Carl Dodrill, will narrate the presentation, and three Seattle Chapter AGO members, Roger Meers, Eric Johnson, and Beverly Roecker will demonstrate an instrument current in the Foundation workshop and two others that have been placed and are used in worship in two local churches on the Eastside.