Dean’s Message for April 2021

            It seems that early mornings are still quite cold, but during the day, it warms up nicely and we can see the cherry blossoms and sunshine. This year, we will still prepare our Easter services similarly to the way we did a year ago. Church choirs are singing virtually and many service elements are recorded beforehand. Everyone is staying busy, but in different ways than before.                                                                       

            Communicating through Zoom and having recording sessions have become a common routine in our lives. In Washington State, we have entered into Phase 3, and some social activities are allowed – although they are limited. I hope the vaccine rollout goes smoothly so churches can open soon. Likewise, I hope that our AGO National Convention Seattle for 2022 can also be in person. The steering committee meets online once a month to share the tasks they’ve accomplished and what future tasks they need to finish in regard to the convention. Hopefully, we will get some insight into what will happen in the near future.

            On March 22, we invited Katelyn Emerson, one of the prominent young organists, to share her experiences in Germany, France, and the U.S. as a student, a competition attendee, and a performer. At the event, many Seattle Chapter members attended and had a great conversation with her. She talked about how she started studying the organ, and how the well-established financial support of the local church allowed her to learn organ for her first two years. I hope we can develop a similar program in our region to encourage young organists to experience this great instrument.

            This coming April, our Zoom event will be with Dr. Carole Terry and she will discuss "Freeing the Body for Making Music at the Organ.” Playing the organ is demanding work, and there are many potential physical issues because we use our whole body. As a small female organist, the organ at UPC is a little overwhelming for me in terms of the size, so recently, I’ve had to think about my posture and position at the organ more often. It would be great to learn some valuable information and get good advice for practicing the organ.

            Lastly, our chapter treasurer, Thomas David Nichols, initiated a casual Zoom chat every Wednesday from 10:30-11:00 AM. I know that we all long for the return of in-person meetings, but it is still a limited option for most of us, so I encourage all of you to join this chat room to greet each other and check in on how everyone is doing.


I hope you have a blessed Easter and enjoy the lovely spring!

Stay well and healthy!

Hannah Byun, Dean


Chapter Event via Zoom: Dr. Carole Terry presents:
Anatomy Elements of Organ Mastery
April 26th, 7:00 PM
Chapter Event

Monday, April 19, 7 pm

Tacoma AGO chapter event.  Kyle Haugen shares “The Cantor’s Work in Pandemic Times” observations and insights.  He will also demonstrate the fine Robert Wech pipe organ at Queen Anne Lutheran Church.  Zoom link via the Tacoma website:


Monday, April 26, 7 pm, no charge.

"Anatomy Elements of Organ Mastery" Join Dr. Carole Terry, UW Prof. Emerita in a live Zoom meeting in which she will present elements of her master class "Freeing the Body for Making Music at the Organ" with demonstrations with questions and answers.


Friday, May 14, 7:30 pm (no charge)

St. Mark’s Cathedral presents an all-Bach concert on the Flentrop organ featuring organists Hannah Byun, Susanna Valleau and Wyatt Smith.   Connect to the concert via the cathedral website:


Saturday, May 22, 10:00 am (no charge)

Master Class (via Zoom) with Katelyn Emerson (one of America’s prominent young organists)

For information on her see:

If you wish to play a piece at this master class, contact Tim Beggs at: