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Portative Organ

The Seattle AGO chapter owns a portative organ that is available for rent. It is a tracker action instrument with three stops: 8' Holz Gedeckt, 4' Spire Flute, 2 Principal. It has a four octave (49 note) keyboard and a two octave (25 note) pull-down pedalboard. The organ can transpose to play in standard pitch (A=440) or low pitch (A=415). The organ is equipped with an electric blower; it can also be hand-pumped. It was designed for the PipeWorks educational program but it also works for continuo or other accompaniment use. For example several churches have used it while worshiping in a temporary space during sanctuary renovations.  The organ was designed and built in 1999 by Marceau and Associates Pipe Organ Builders. At 78 inches in height, it is designed to fit through a standard door. It has built-in handles and casters for ease of moving. For rental information contact David Lepse: phone: 206 465-2457  or email him via the Contact Us feature on the Contacts page of this website.

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