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Scholarships & Grants

The Seattle Chapter of the American Guild of Organists maintains a fund used to grant scholarships and to fund special projects and events. The fund is called SPAC for "Special Projects Advisory Committee." The guidelines are listed below. To apply, print out one of the application forms and follow the instructions contained therein. The SPAC committee meets quarterly. Applications must be received prior to January 15, April 15, July 15, or October 15.

Guidelines for Funding

  1. The grants are for projects in or related to the Western Washington region.

  2. The majority of grants are for one-time projects.

  3. Support for continuation of a project will be considered only in exceptional circumstances.

  4. Grants for specific projects will be favored over those for general support of an organization.

  5. Grants for support of scholarships, projects, research, and the like will be favored over those for purchase of goods or equipment.

  6. Grants for innovative projects will be favored over those for established projects.

  7. Grants must be for educational or charitable purposes only.  If for an organization, the organization should be tax-exempt under Section 501-c3 of the IRS Code.

  8. Preference will be given to applicants who are making efforts to seek other support as well.

  9. The Dean, Dean-elect, as well as members of the Executive Board or SPAC shall not be entitled to receive any aid from SPAC funds while they hold office.  If any proposal should aid indirectly any member of those specified above, that fact must be made known before the proposal is discussed in the Committee or the Board and the vote of either group shall be taken with the said person(s) absent. 

Examples of Projects We Favor

  1. Promotion of the organ and its music to the general public

  2. Education of organists

  3. Composition and publication of organ music

  4. Improvement of the status of church music and church musicians

  5. Scholarship and study programs for students from or currently in western Washington.

  6. Competitions

  7. Research and preservation of the history of the organ, organists, organ music and composers

  8. Conventions, conferences, seminars, and workshops

  9. Broadcasts and recordings

  10. Concerts including organ


We invite churches and institutions which sponsor at least one organ concert each year to apply for a grant to provide radio ads on
KING FM preceding the concert. The concert must take place in the Seattle metropolitan area and should appeal to a diverse audience. It is our hope that this will increase attendance at concerts and broaden the appeal of organ music to a larger audience.

Application Forms

These forms can be filled out, scanned, and emailed to:
They can also be printed out, signed, and mailed to:

Seattle Chapter, AGO   Attn: SPAC
P.O. Box 30805
Seattle, WA 98113

Note: Applications are considered on a quarterly basis.
Please allow plenty of time between the application submission and the need-by date.

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